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Practice Note 6 - Appearance Day Forms


Appearance Day (formerly known as Motions Day) is scheduled once per month, generally on the first Tuesday of the month. Parties are notified approximately two weeks in advance of Appearance Day that their matter will be placed on the docket, and the time when it will be spoken to. The primary purpose of Appearance Day is to facilitate the scheduling of matters before the Board, including pre-hearing settlement and case management conferences, preliminary issues hearings, and full hearings.

Appearance Day is most efficient and effective when parties have turned their minds to the matters which impact scheduling and discussed their mutual availability. Providing notice of these matters to the Board in advance of Appearance Day facilitates discussion between the Board and the parties on Appearance Day.        


Parties will receive an Appearance Day Form when they are notified that their matter is being placed on the docket for Appearance Day. Each party to a matter must complete a form. A form must be completed for each Appearance Day a matter is scheduled to be spoken to, regardless of whether the matter has been spoken to on a previous Appearance Day.  

Parties must complete the form and return it to the Board by 5 p.m., 3 business days in advance of Appearance Day. For example, when Appearance Day falls on a Tuesday, the form is to be returned on the previous Thursday (subject to statutory holidays, which like weekends, do not count as business days). Parties must also provide their completed form to the other parties involved in their matter by this time.

A copy of the form is available here: Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board - Appearance Day

This practice note is intended to provide general guidance concerning the current policy of the Board with respect to Appearance Day. Specific inquiries should be directed to the Board Registrar.

DATED at Regina, Saskatchewan, May 23, 2023.