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Accommodation Policy


1. Objective

The Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board (“the Board”) is committed to ensuring that its processes are accessible. It addresses requests for reasonable accommodations on a case-by-case basis. The Board will make reasonable efforts to assist parties to applications filed with the Board if it determines that they would otherwise be unable to meaningfully participate in the hearing process.

2. Making an Accommodation Request

The Board recognizes that accommodation needs may arise at any stage of the hearing process. An accommodation request must be made as soon as possible, once the need for accommodation becomes known.

Requests for accommodation should normally be made directly to the Board Registrar by email at  However, if the need for accommodation becomes known during a pre-hearing conference or a hearing, requests should be made directly to the mediator or the chairperson of the hearing panel.

An accommodation request must be as specific as possible. It is important to provide sufficient information, otherwise assessing or properly addressing it may not be possible.

The request should include information such as the following:

  • a description of the specific accommodation requirements;
  • the reasons for the requirements; and
  • if relevant, any workplace or other accommodation the requestor uses and is accustomed to.

The requestor should include only the information necessary to address the request. Details of a medical condition are not required at this stage.

The Board will review the accommodation request as soon as possible. The Board may ask for additional information or organize a conference with the parties to discuss the request.

3. Privacy Considerations

To the extent possible, the Board will respect the requestor’s privacy. However, in some situations, particularly in the context of hearings, the Board may ask that a copy of the request be sent to the other parties or that they be provided information so that they may respond to it, in the interests of procedural fairness. If that occurs, the Board may consider submissions from them.

4. Use of support services and related arrangements

The Board recognizes that some individuals require support services to assist with their daily needs, including communication, mobility, personal care, or medical needs. The Board strives to support such accommodation services but will not arrange for them.

5. Service animals and assistive devices

Some individuals may require a service animal or assistive device to participate in the Board's proceedings. The Board Registrar should be contacted in advance if an animal will be present. The Registrar should also be informed if the animal or device requires any special arrangements.

6. Scented products

The Board asks those who attend hearings or meetings in person to refrain from using scented products.

7. Unavailability of an accommodation measure

If an accessibility or accommodation measure provided by the Board becomes unavailable, the Board will provide notice as soon as practicable.

8. General Inquiries

Mailing Address:

Board Registrar
Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board
1600 – 1920 Broad Street
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3V2

Telephone Numbers and Email Address

Inquiries: 306-787-2406
Fax: 306-787-2664