Guidelines for Video Hearings | LRB

Guidelines for Video Hearings

  • Parties are expected to maintain the same decorum in video hearings as they would when attending an in-person hearing.
  • The Board’s platform for video hearings is WebEx. All participants are expected to download the application for WebEx in advance of any technical tests or hearings;
  • Technical tests with the Registrar and all participants are required and will occur approximately one week prior to the hearing. Test can be broken into two parts, per party, if requested. Technical tests will be non-substantive;
  • Counsel will be responsible to ensure that clients and witnesses have appropriate technology to allow for viewing of all participants and exhibits, that is compatible with WebEx, that internet bandwidth is adequate, and that they are capable and adept at using the technology in advance of the technical test and the hearing;
  • If necessary, the party calling a witness shall take reasonable steps to ensure that the witness is able to participate in the videoconference with one device and review exhibits on the other;
  • Extra time may be expected and required to deal with technical issues as they arise;
  • Participants are encouraged, but not obligated, to use headphones;
  • Participants must be highly visible and appear against a neutral background, with only head and shoulders visible. Backlighting is not permitted, as it creates silhouettes.
  • Witnesses will be expected to confirm their desk is clear of paperwork, that they are alone in a private enclosed space, and to affirm that all email, texting, and other electronic communications systems are turned off, unless needed to testify at the hearing;
  • Witnesses must not utilize false or blurred backgrounds;
  • Potential Exhibits (Documents):
    • Three business days prior to the hearing, parties will provide all potential exhibits to the Registrar by email or cloud storage, except for those that are unanticipated or are otherwise required to be provided during the hearing;
    • Documents will be exchanged and provided electronically, either in advance, during, or after the hearing, depending on the circumstances;
    • Parties are responsible for the contents of their documents and for saving and naming exhibits in a manner that facilitates retrieval;
    • Documents must not have "Exhibit" or any form of "A.#, R.#, U.#, or E.#" in their file name;
    • Documents will be shared via WebEx during the hearing, unless an alternative process is proposed and approved by either the Executive Officer in advance of the hearing, or the panel during the hearing.
    • Documents that are provided during the hearing will be submitted and exchanged by email, and will be shared via WebEx with all participants to be viewable on the screen during testimony, unless an alternative process is proposed and approved by the panel.
  • The Board will administer oaths or affirmations by video unless the party leading the witness applies for, and is granted, an alternative method. Alternative methods must be proposed at least 48 hours prior to the hearing;
  • All participants shall log on to WebEx at least 10 minutes in advance of the scheduled start time of the proceeding. The proceeding shall not begin until the Board is satisfied that all necessary participants are adequately connected.
  • At the outset of the proceeding each participant shall identify any other persons present at the participant’s location. Each participant has an ongoing obligation to alert the Board and other parties if any additional person joins.
  •  No participant will be allowed to record the hearing by any method;
  • Subpoenas shall be issued with WebEx as the location, with or without the precise WebEx link;
  • Public access to hearings will be available, either by video or audio as practicable, by making advance arrangements with the Registrar;
  • The Board may adjourn the proceeding at any time if it determines that the video format is not adequate, or is prejudicial to any party or to the integrity of the proceeding.

These Guidelines are subject to change from time to time and may be amended to apply to specific circumstances, at the discretion of the Board.

Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board, February 25, 2022