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Certification Orders

The Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board has provided a searchable PDF file at the link below, containing all certified relationships between employers and unions along with corresponding amendments and rescissions.

If you require historical information about a certificate, please email or write to the Board's Registrar, identifying the LRB File No., the parties' names, your name, address, phone number, and fax number. The Board will mail, electronically transmit or fax the information to you. Please allow up to 15 working days to complete the inquiry.

A note on understanding Matter IDs:

Matter IDs for the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board are done in a format of ###-##. The first three numbers denote what number that file is in that year sequentially and the last two numbers are the last two digits of the calendar year.

How to use this document:

Open the List of Active Certificates and enter a search parameter (default Control+F to open search) in respect to the employers name, union name or LRB File No..

On the left of the document you will see a Matter ID for that particular matter. That Matter ID is the matter in which the operative and active Order is found unless there are Related IDs on the right in red that have a more recent calendar year. Should there be Related IDs on the right, you should find the most recent Amendment or Rescission from that list and search the document for that particular Matter ID until you find a bolded entry for that Matter ID. Should you be unable to find a bolded entry for a particular ID then return to the list of Related IDs and search the next most recent Matter. The most recent matter with a bolded entry will be the matter with the active order.

Should you require clarification please contact the Board through its inquiry form.

Click here for the List of Active Certification Orders