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New Appointment of a Vice-Chairperson of the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board. Press Release


The forms that can be used to apply to the Labour Relations Board.

Our vision:

A balanced, transparent, healthy and effective labour relations environment in Saskatchewan.


Upcoming Hearings

  • LRB File Nos: 160-23, 161-23 & 169-23 Villahermosa & Kousar v UFCW and 610539 Saskatchewan o/a Heritage Inn

  • LRB File No. 200-23 Olympic Motors (SK) I Corporation o/a Auto Gallery Subaru v C. Fowler and Government of Saskatchewan

  • LRB File No. 037-24 GFS Industrial Solutions Inc. v M. Davis, L. Tomolak, R. Bereti, C. Kadler-Klemenz, J. Dupuis and Govt of Sask

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