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Effective April 29, 2014, the Government of Saskatchewan proclaimed The Saskatchewan Employment Act. It replaces 12 statutes and amends many existing statutes.

The Saskatchewan Employment Act is comprised of Parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X and related Regulations. The legislation applies to all employees and employers in Saskatchewan, except those companies and employees falling under federal jurisdiction, such as telecommunications, airlines, postal services and the Federal government and its Boards and Agencies.

The Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board (the Board) is continued pursuant to Section 6-92 of The Saskatchewan Employment Act, effectively transitioning the current Board from the previous Trade Union Act. The Board continues its role as a quasi-judicial tribunal, but, now becomes the appellant body with specific roles and authorities in the administration of The Saskatchewan Employment Act.

Role of the Board

The Board’s primary role is related to Parts VI and VII, referred to as Labour Relations and Essential Services, respectively.  This is not dissimilar to the Board’s role under the previous legislation.

What is new is that the Board is now the appellant body for appeals to adjudicated decisions rendered by adjudicators in respect of matters under Employment Standards (Part II) and Occupational Health and Safety (Part III). This role was previously the responsibility of The Court of Queen’s Bench of Saskatchewan. This role now falls to the Board. The Board will determine appeals and like those previously made by the Court of Queen’s Bench, are further reviewable by the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.

Board Membership

The Board is headed by a full-time Chairperson and a full-time Vice-Chairperson, both of whom are lawyers. The remainder of the Board is comprised of 20 part-time members, representing either employees or employers, who are paid on a per diem basis when their services are required. Hearings are primarily conducted by 3 person panels including either the Chairperson or a Vice-Chairperson, a member representing employers and a member representing employees. Certain issues may also be heard by either the Chairperson or the Vice-Chairperson, depending on the issue. Appeals in respect of Parts II and III of the Act, are heard by either the Chairperson or the Vice-Chairperson.

Current Board Composition


Chairperson and Executive Officer:

 •Susan C. Amrud, Q.C.


 •Barbara Mysko



 Members Representing Employers:

•Ken Ahl

•Don Ewart

•Brenda Cuthbert

•Michael Wainwright

•Joan White

•Brian Barber

•Gary Mearns

•Laura Sommervill

•Allan Parenteau

•Lisa Poissant


 Members Representing Employees:

•Shawna Colpitts

•John McCormick

•Jim Holmes

•Bettyann Cox

•Hugh Wagner

•Maurice Werezak

•Bert Ottenson

•Shelly Boutin-Gervais

•Aina Kagis

•Phil Polsom

 For more information about the composition of the Board, please refer to the Board’s most recent Annual Report.


 Board Staff

 Board Registrar

•F. W. (Fred) Bayer

 Board Officer

•Jonathan Swarbrick

Tribunal Coordinator

•Connie Perry

 Administrative Support:

•Maximo Pahuwayan Jr.


 Past Chairpersons:

Click here for a list of all current and past Chairpersons